IX Swap is a globally distributed organization with a diverse team working together across multiple countries and still growing

S. Alice Chen

Co-Founder & General Counsel

Aaron Ong

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Julian Kwan

Co-Founder & CEO

John P.

Chief Operating Officer

Alexander Cucer

Chief Technology Officer

John Neil

Chief Information Security Officer

Ian Sullivan

Director, Capital Markets

Darren Wong

Head of Strategic Partnerships and Asset Listings

Asaf Yosifov

Managing Partner

Tzahi Kanza

Managing Partner

Derrick Leong

Senior Legal Counsel

Rathish Kumar

Product Leader

Alexander Velchev

Project Manager

Shara Miran

Business Development

Alexander Ghenov

Design Lead

Izobelle Pulgo


Nishtha Pandey

Legal & Compliance