Development Update: December 2021

Development Update: December 2021

As December comes to an end, we want to highlight a number of significant updates that we have been working on in the development area during this month.


One of our most important milestones this month and one of the things we have been working a great deal on is the development and launch of our staking testnet. 

You can check it out by going to our web-based app at

Here are some other things you can explore in our app:

  1. Token Playground – We have enabled a playground (testnet) that’s available for all users to test the application on Kovan.
  2. IX Swap Info Pools – We’ve created a special Subgraph-supported page that displays all pools created on IXSwap and other detailed info.
  3. Chain-Agnostic Deposit and Withdrawal 

For more information and step-by-step tutorials on using our app, you can check out our guide in this article

Economic Stress Testing and ML + Risk Mitigation Script

For the past several months, our developers have been hard at work testing the economic side of our products and services. 

The process includes testing the trading activities, our cryptocurrency and security pools, and our AMM functions in every possible way to ensure that they are equipped and can withstand foreseen and unforeseen risks.

Based on the results, we set out to build a special risk-mitigation script to protect our pools from abnormalities and hacking attempts.

The script will also analyze every transaction before it goes to the blockchain to ensure that it is safe before it gets added.

You can read more about the economics stress-testing we conducted on our public GitHub repository, which details the project in two parts – traders activity simulation models with transaction histories and AMM market simulation.


NFTs or non-fungible tokens are taking the world by storm, and we are glad to be a part of it.

We have started our NFT project, which we look forward to releasing next month. 

The year may be ending, but we are just getting to the most exciting part of our roadmap, and we can’t wait to roll out all the developments we have been working on – see you in 2022!

About IX Swap 

IX Swap is a next-generation platform that leverages DeFi services backed by CeFi regulatory compliance to facilitate safe and convenient issuance, listing, and trading of security tokens and fractionalized NFTs.

By bridging the gap between traditional finance and innovative blockchain-based solutions, IX Swap is paving the way in democratizing access to traditional financial markets that have never been done before.

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